The Shy Girl's Guide to Speaking Freely

Are you woman of few words with a whole lot to say (and sell)?

Just because you've been shy your whole life doesn't mean you can’t have an amazing, successful business. But it also means you've likely found selling your products and services that much harder.

I sure did. I invested in a lot of online sales tools like a webpage, sales pages, landing pages, fan pages and social media hoping they would do my selling for me. 

But all I got were crickets. 

When I started going out and engaging with people one-on-one, I discovered they wanted to like me, trust me and talk to me first before I could win the sale. When I did, I could make those sales JUST as fast as more extroverted women.

That's why I wrote The Shy Girl's Guide to Speaking Freely.

Sales and influence are all about speaking freely. Which means you have to talk. To people. Lots of them.

Just thinking about that probably makes you break a sweat. (It did for me, for a long time!)

Maybe like me, you go into the online business world because it sounded perfect for an introvert. But now, you find it challenging to speak up in groups. You don’t know what to say in your daily posts, let alone share your sales pages or offers. 

Speaking up for yourself or talking about your products feels like bragging. Whenever you do it, you feel a deep sense of anxiety or shame inside.

When someone does engage with you, the interaction fizzles out and never gets to a sale.

In fact, if you can't figure out how to sell more, fast, you might have to go out and get a job again!

So how do you break through your shyness, find your voice and say what you really want to say (and sell) . . . with total freedom?

I'm Lisa England, communication coach for shy girls, and I know this dilemma because I am a shy girl who had to FREE HER VOICE.

(Or, more properly, go down the rabbit hole and chase it like Alice through Wonderland. Do you feel me, Shy Girl?)

People who meet me now find this hard to believe, because I’ve come such along way as a courageous communicator! But it’s true! You can read it all in my story.

For years, I struggled to speak up for myself. Social interactions made me anxious, and most of the time I felt like I just fell over my words and looked stupid. I went home beating myself up for what I should have said, or worrying that my online post would be misconstrued. 

I thought that I just wasn’t meant to be successful at all.

That is, until I figured out WHY I was shy, and what was really holding back my words.

(You may think it's the way you were born. I sure did. But actually, there might be something else going on!)

It took some serious self-reflection, and a series of 7 simple action steps, to get my words unstuck.

I had to coax my voice out of hiding, and let the Real Me know it was safe to show up, online and face-to-face.

When I did, the results were magical.

People started paying attention to me more in person AND online. And they started listening and engaging. 

Then, they started buying, too.

If I can learn to free my voice, speak up and say what I really want . . . any Shy Girl Can. 

Are you ready to SPEAK FREELY?

You can become a Courageous Communicator, Shy Girl, and a Sales Magnet too. I've written a brief guide to help you do just that.

The Shy Girls' Guide to Speaking Freely  offers 7 simple, practical steps you can take right now to find your voice.

I cannot wait for you to feel the freedom and satisfaction of knowing you're not holding anything back anymore. From anyone. For any reason.

Because hold back gets super exhausting, doesn't it? Not to mention how frustrating and sad it feels.

NO girl--shy or not--has time for that.. 

I believe so strongly in The Shy Girl's Guide that I am offering it to you free WITHOUT asking for an email address. 

All you have to do is click the link below, and you will immediately access The Shy Girl's Guide to Speaking Freely.

No email address. No questions. No sales pitch.

Click on this link now or click the image below to access The Shy Girls' Guide to Speaking Freely INSTANTLY. NO email address required.