What makes a brand so awesome people just can’t pass it up? Here’s a sneak peek inside what it takes to keep your dream clients coming back.

Admit it. You secretly dream of being irresistible.

Don’t tell me you haven’t had a vision or two of your big red carpet moment … even if the red carpet is only the welcome mat at the front door of your business.

There’s not a business owner alive who doesn’t want those clients who just can’t say “no.” The clients who have to have whatever we put out, because they love working with us. And because our works keeps making a difference in their lives.

But how do you get to be that kind of brand? What needs to be part of every aspect of your online presence, in order for people to feel that kind of magnetism?

Some would say that only some people have this gift, and the rest of us just have to slog on as best we can, accepting that we’re only quasi-interesting. But I don’t believe for a moment that this is true.

Every one of us is born with a unique pattern of irresistible features. (Sally Hogshead has done a brilliant job categorizing these patterns as “Fascination Advantages,” and you can take her free test here to see which is yours.) But unless these irresistible elements show up in places like your website, your sales funnel and social media, you’ll likely find yourself passed over time and again by people who truly would want to work with you …. if they could see the real you.

Here’s what it really takes to hook your clients in:


The best brands — whether they represent and individual or a group — have some serious personality. This quality is all about the way you look, sound and feel emotionally, both online and in person. And it’s not just for lifestyle brands.

So here are a few questions to ask yourself, to test how well your personality is coming out in your brand:

  • First, does the fashion in your photo shoot truly reflect your style?
  • Beyond that, do you greet your audience online the way you’d greet them in real life?
  • Does the wording of your copy “sound” like you, even if you hired someone to help write it?
  • How much attention have you put to ensuring the color scheme you use actually reflects who you are?
  • Does your social media include your hobbies, interests and family?

Personality is a collection of characteristics that make us unique. It instantly establishes us as a real human being with endearing characteristics. Your audience wants to encounter your personality! Don’t be afraid to go big!

A few brands that rock their personality include:



Truly irresistible brands don’t just have personality, though. They have a compelling reason for existing in the world. Simon Sinek says that “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” While I’d argue that they buy who we are just as much — or more — I agree that his point is also dead-on.

How easy is it for your audience to understand why you’re truly in business?

Purpose goes beyond just the services you offer to why those services are so compelling or important. For example, as a community the Hero Shift team doesn’t just exist to teach storytelling marketing. We have banded together to help quiet visionaries speak their truth with courage, authenticity and love. That’ is a much bigger trajectory than just The Hero Shift course, even though that program is a big part of what we do.

Purpose defines our direction and lets individuals test out whether or not they want to walk the same road. It also helps to demonstrate that our business is not just about financially sustaining ourselves — though that is both important and good.

Brands that rock their purpose include:



When Personality and Purpose are working together, you’ve got big brand potential on your hands. Add Power, and the possibilities are dynamite.

Power is all about owning the room and exuding the right to exist in your space without apologies or justification. Powerful brands don’t have to fight for attention. They command it naturally.

As you look over your web presence…

  • How bold of a stand do you take?
  • Are you speaking your truth fully and courageously, or do you soften it for fear of offending someone?
  • If you see areas where the majority of your industry is falling behind or failing to support what clients really need, do you say so publicly?
  • Are you willing and able to own what makes you different, and express it, without fear that others might judge you?

The extent to which your brand exudes power will determine how much power you have.

It’s strange that we human beings tend to think that power is something other people give us. It’s actually something we claim for ourselves first. When our brand shows up in a powerful, truthful way, clients can’t help but take notice of who we are.

Brands that rock their power include:

When Personality and Purpose are working together, you’ve got big brand potential on your hands. Add Power, and the possibilities are dynamite.

This week, set aside 30 minutes to go through your entire brand presence: website, social media, and any print materials or recordings you may have of live presentations. Use the questions above to see where you can bring out more of your personality, clarify your purpose and exude power. Take advantage of those characteristics that make you unique.

You have an irresistible brand inside you. And your red carpet is waiting.

Until next time, speak freely.

Which of the three elements does your brand "do" best right now? Which one would you most like to work on next? Comment below.

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