Words are powerful. I believe this with my heart and soul.

This is why I built my business on the power of a message—and why I believe that your message is your most important asset.

In an age when our culture grows increasingly visual, the right words still have the power to stop us in our tracks. Break down our defenses. And draw us in.

In fact, I believe that words are so powerful, they can claim people as their own ... for life.

If this is true, then every solopreneur has a power word for her business.

Have you claimed your word?

As humans we are complex beings, yet I believe even the most multi-passionate of entrepreneurs can trace her offerings back to a single idea. One word, even. It’s as if our souls are mapped to one concept that, once we find it, becomes like an axis.

We (and by extension, our business) are magnetized to the Pole, finally able to travel in the right direction. 

When we do, we draw the right people and the right business collaborations.

Do you know your word?

Look at any great brand in your industry, or any famous figure you admire, and you’ll probably find you can encapsulate their vision in just one word. Nisha Moodley has claimed Sisterhood. Danielle LaPorte, Desire. Marie Forleo stands for Decision. And Gala Darling for Love.

These are not arbitrary choices. At some point, these women sat down and really got clarity on what ideas resonated most strongly with their souls and their businesses. They sorted through their own passions plus the feedback they receive from clients, seeking one strong thread that ran through their work. When they found it, they owned it with courage.

Words are not copyrighted, of course. Your word may be the same as someone else's. In that case, it's how you manifest that word through your message and mission that make all the difference.

The more specific your word, the more you are likely to stand out. And the more it will guide you toward your own unique destiny.

Do you know your word?

As a solopreneur, I didn’t know mine for a long time. Back when I was working in a traditional marketing agency, dreaming of doing the work I do now, I blogged in my spare time and wrote fiction (okay, I still do!). I knew vaguely that people inside and out of my office came to me for inspiration. Usually they ended up bearing their soul to me, trying to find words for their gifting.

I could help them sort out their passions and put craft the essence of their unique mission.

But I didn’t have a word for that.

So I wandered around for a long time, sensing I had a gift but not having a name for it.

When I got serious about starting my business, I got down to the business of finding and claiming my word.

Turns out, it's Illumination.

The one “golden thread” that runs through all my most fulfilling personal work, and now through my business, is the opportunity to help someone else have an “ah ha” moment about their true message, then find words to express it.

Courage and confidence follow. So does increased focus and energy.

My friends and clients are able to shine from the inside out.

Once they have their little flame illuminated, others are able to find them.

It all starts with a word.

This week, I challenge you to ask yourself, “What’s my word?” Don’t settle for the first idea that comes along. (My first idea was “inspiration,” which turned out to be good … but certainly not better and not even close to best.)

Sit with your potential choices. Ponder. Meditate. Ask your most trusted clients and friends for their ideas.

But whatever you do, spend time finding your power word. Because each of us is a magnetic being. Everything you do and are comes down to the one word that matters most to you.

Know your word, and you will know your business.

So will everyone else.

Until next time, speak freely.

What's your power word? How are you sharing that with the world through your brand? Share below.

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