Feminine energy is on the rise.

Everywhere I turn, I see another blog, book or business built around inspiring a more nurturing, relational way of being. Of course, this does not mean that all things feminine are necessarily related to women. Men have a balance of feminine energy too, just as women do of masculine.

And yet, although each individual is a unique blend, but I believe the rising feminine energy in business will help us bring greater balance between masculine and feminine for everyone.

Business is no exception. Over the last two years, numerous women have come to me with concerns that traditional business models, marketing tactics and sales strategies feel “too much like a man.” They’ve read the books (all by male writers) and tried the “must-do” strategies (also designed by men). The results have left their business struggling and their satisfaction low.

In fairness to business people of the ages, this is understandable. If we think of anything in life, including business, as a swirl of masculine and feminine energy, Masculine Energy (which has dominated business for time immemorial) governs concepts like conquering, analysis and achievement. Feminine Energy (relegated until recently to the hearth fires) is largely considered the domain of connection, intuition and relationship.

Until recently, this “other half” of energy, the Feminine, hasn’t been particularly welcome in the marketplace. Yet this other half is what ensures that people are really drawn to us, and that the connection we make, and the partnerships we form, are driven by something deeper and more lasting than just the dollars they generate.

As a woman, I’ve seen this first-hand in my business.

For a long time, I operated out of a very masculine energy simply because I did not truly understand feminine energy (and even secretly considered it “weak.”) The more I began to exude my feminine side in my business, the more I thrived. And the happier I became. I realized that most of the reason I’d avoided “hard business skills” was simply because it felt so devoid of emotion, so “masculine” in its orientation.

Perhaps right now you’re feeling like your business doesn’t reflect you as an individual and certainly not as a woman.? The journey toward embracing your Inner Feminine in your business is a deeply personal process. But when it comes to practical steps for your sales and marketing, here are a few things you can do to embody a warmer, more nurturing presence:


1. Build Community

There’s a reason why feminine energy has been traditionally associated with home and family. Feminine energy naturally inspires us to gather everyone around!

By building community within your brand, you invite your audience to be part of your “family.” This sense of inclusion and belonging into something special can really make a difference in their level of engagement. This doesn’t just have to be about Facebook communities, either. Consider giving your “tribe” a collective name that you address them by. Offer exclusive rewards or content for those who are part of your “inner circle.” Or, try intimate weekly video “chats” just for your clients.

2. Affirm Being vs. Doing

Feminine energy is not as concerned as masculine energy is with getting things done. Or rather, it offers us a different way to get things done.

Feminine Energy helps us achieve by looking within, going deeper, knowing ourselves and becoming what we want to be versus just achieving what we want to do. If you desire to incorporate more feminine energy, share social content that invites your audience to look inward. Celebrate moments when clients or members your online community embody the qualities or characteristics you value. Encourage your tribe to cultivate their mindset. Write sales copy that affirms being as well as doing.

3. Curate Your Environment

Home is where the heart is, and where Feminine Energy often rules. This being the case, does your online business home (your website) or your physical business home (your office or working space) truly reflect you? Well executed, thoughtful design is like putting out a welcome mat. By attending to details such as color, texture, design, typography and other visual elements, you inspire your prospects to say “Ahhhhh!” and want to settle in. Logging into your Member Area or your Facebook Group can feel like entering a sacred home that’s meant just for them.

4. Be Personal

There’s a reason why we tend to associate “the personal touch” with the women in our lives. While this is not always the case (everyone is different) very often those operating at a high level of Feminine Energy just naturally want to honor the individual. The more you do this in your brand, the more your audience will bond with you emotionally as a person.

Could you celebrate clients by name and share their successes on your social media? How about being sure you use the First Name merge field in your newsletter software, so everyone’s letter is personally addressed? What about responding personally to each online comment?

5. Exude Love

If nothing else, one simple and free way you can build Feminine Energy into your brand is to exude more love and less fear. The attitude and mental space we are operating from largely determines the way others innately respond to us.

Spend time meditating each day, reading sacred scriptures on love, and practicing patience and lovingkindness with family and friends. Keep a gratitude journal each day. Exercise regularly to reduce stress. Practice saying “I love you” and expressing care for those around you. Simply by cultivating a warm, loving mindset, you’ll naturally draw people to you.

Feminine energy is a powerful tool for growing your business. As a woman in business, you have access to this energy in abundance, if you learn how to cultivate it. One of my favorite resources for unlocking your feminine energy is Rachael Jayne Groover's book Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want.

Do you feel “out of step” with masculine approaches to sales and marketing? Which of the 5 steps resonate most with you?

Until next time, speak freely.

What does "feminine energy" mean to you? What's one way you'd like your feminine energy to show up more in your business? Comment below!

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