Your marketing is never, ever about you. At least, not really.

These days, everyone has a message to share.

In the age of social media, it’s easier than ever for us to share those messages. That’s an amazing perk of 21st century life. It’s also one of our biggest challenges.

In all the noise, how will you get heard? What really makes your message different than the next person’s? How can you guarantee it will be effective?

At a certain level, there are no guarantees. But at another level, there is a simple way you can make your message so attractive the right client can’t help but reach out.

It’s by employing one simple shift that most entrepreneurs never learn. (Hint: Most English majors don't know it either, unless they happen to be trained as marketing copywriters. So if you think you've saved money by hiring a word-inclined friend to write your copy . . . you're probably actually costing yourself money in the long run.)

This shift of emphasis transforms your message from “ho-hum, heard-it-all-before” to an “Oh wait, that’s for me.” Look at your favorite popular entrepreneurs or coaches, and chances are, they’re using this technique extremely effectively.

Are you ready for this?

It’s the shift of emphasis from you to your client.

When people want information about your business, they actually don't want to know about you. 

They want to know about how they can move forward or fulfill a need through your business. (Sorry, folks! They're just not that into you! At least, not in that way.)

Nearly 100% of times I am hired to re-write marketing copy, the original version focuses on the entrepreneur and his/her business or product. The copy informs me about what that person can do for my business and how their work operates.

But as a potential client, I don’t really care about you.

I care about me.

So why isn’t your copy focused on . . . me?

Why waste words convincing me of your expertise when you can paint a picture of the situation I’m in, and how that situation could be different, with your help?

I’ve seen this technique transform my own marketing and that of countless clients. By turning the focus of their marketing copy from what they offer to what their client wants to achieve, entrepreneurs gain a much bigger opportunity to impact their audience and drive that all-important call, click or sale.

Because clients don’t care about us. They care about what they want to achieve.

So how can we connect with clients in this way?

Typically, entrepreneurs make the mistake of obsessing on their own credentials and experience in their copy. But even for corporate clients, this is less of a focus in the talent hunt than on what you can actually deliver in the way of solutions. In your copy, focus on painting a picture of hope, and show clients how to achieve it. They’re much more likely to call you when they read that message. 

Case in point: I recently edited copy for a consultant who had just gained the attention of a major healthcare system. He wrote a follow-up email that recapped the call and detailed his experience and skills for the partnership in question. Only at the very end did he mention the benefits his work would bring to the organization, and this, in a most cursory way.

I flipped the entire email.

Up front, I painted a picture of the pain the organization was facing, and raised the hope that it didn’t have to be this way. Then, I described the solution that would solve everything . . . and only then connected the “dots” to my client and his skills.

My client called, totally thrilled with the persuasiveness of the new version. I told him the same thing I’m telling you: that one simple shift (from yourself ot your clients) will make all the difference in getting read . . . or getting deleted.

As you create marketing copy for the new year, ask yourself, “Who is this about first? Me, or my client?”

(Hint: Answer B is always the right answer.)

Make that one simple shift, and you’ll dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Because marketing is never, ever about you.

It's about those you serve.

Until next time, speak freely.

Do you write the copy for your business? What's your biggest challenge with writing well. Comment below!

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