I hate finding out I've been duped. There's nothing worse than realizing you've made choices based on incomplete or downright false information.

It's devastating, isn't it? If not downright debilitating?

Sometimes, of course, the lies are kindly meant or unwittingly passed on. The lie I'm thinking of probably falls into this latter category. I don't think anyone's *really* out to dupe you about marketing. It just kind of happens.

Unfortunately, the results are the same as if someone were intentionally trying to hurt you.

You lose time. You lose confidence. And above all, you lose sales.

(You knew I wasn't going to leave that last one out ...)

So what is this heinous lie that being passed around from one entrepreneur to the next, sabotaging otherwise brilliant people from reaching their audience?

It's the lie that only charismatic overachievers, or complete scumbags, can successfully promote themselves.

The rest of us—those who consider ourselves modest, or introverted, or lacking in self-confidence, or under-qualified, or only *somewhat* brave—sit in the shadows while a few take the spotlight and totally win the audience over.

But the real tragedy is this: it doesn't have to be this way.

Here's why:

First, let's assume that we're leaving the disreputable people off the table. You aren't one of them. Couldn't possibly be. If you secretly worry you might be disreputable, let me clue you in: no true disreputable person would even worry about this!

So let's assume we're in that modest majority: the band of folks who don't feel comfortable tooting their own horn, and find it difficult to stand up and be the lead voice in any room they enter. They'd probably avoid the room in the first place.

But they (you) have a message they're burning to share, and a skill set the world desperately needs.

So how is it possible for a modest person to develop the kind of charisma it takes to get ideas seen before thousands?

There are two answers to this question, and both of them are critical to actually moving forward and attracting clients:

First, charisma as we know it is learned.

Sure, some people are naturally born more "attractive" and extroverted than others. This has nothing to do with their worth as a human being, and everything to do with a few random qualities the brain naturally gravitates toward.

We tend to look at celebrities, big-name philosophers and thinkers, and cultural icons, assuming they were naturally born with a healthy dose of this kind of charisma.

Actually, many of those people are as shy, modest and corner-loving as we are.

They have simply learned how to behave in ways that more naturally attract people. In doing so, they are able to help others, encourage them, and open themselves up to greater opportunities than they could if they stood comfortably in the corner.

These people wanted so badly to reach their goals that they were willing to learn a few different habits to get them there.

No excuses. No ifs, ands, or buts. No giving in to fear.

If they can do it, you and I can, too.

Which brings us to the second truth,

Marketing is strategy and consistency, not personality.

Yes of course, it helps to be funny or clever when creating social media or blog posts. Absolutely.

But guess what?

You can learn how to write funnier, more creative content that engages the right customer . . . if you really want to.

Or, you can lean on another strength you already have to fascinate people instead.

Whatever your style, there are tons of tools out there to up your game.

You don't have to be a natural strategy genius OR the world's perfect to-do list checker in order to win at this thing called marketing.

You just have to be so passionate about your project, product or service that you'll no longer let your excuses get in the way.

Because once you stop wishing you were as smart, and as charismatic, and as clever as the next person . . .

You can actually get on with creating a real, measurable, actionable strategy for world domination (or world collaboration, whichever floats your boat).

The question is . . .

Have you created your measurable, actionable strategy? And have you built habits of consistency that put your work in front of your audience regularly?

If not, I'd love to help you with that.

It took me years of running around in circles before I figured out what I was really doing wrong in my marketing.

In the beginning, I had no idea how to set up my website, social media and regular content creation schedule to actually attract customers. I just tried every marketing technique that came along, hoping for the best.

I had no idea how different techniques could work together to be more powerful than they were along.

In the process, I got burnt out repeatedly and quit doing anything for long periods of time. At last, until the next sparkly technique came along. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

I also had no idea how to motivate myself to get work done (like regular social posting) when I felt like lounging around instead. When I feared a task, I left it undone. And since I feared self-promotion in general, LOTS of marketing tasks went undone.

So pretty much, no one knew about my business.

On top of all that, because I believed that I was naturally less charismatic . . . I felt like I was constantly playing catch-up.

Not a great psychological posture for someone trying to move forward.

I don't want you to waste as much time as I did.

If any of this resonates with you, please know you are NOT alone. We have ALL been there. Cultivating a marketing strategy and marketing consistency are daily habit, and no one is perfect at them all the time.

But it's much easier to be that consistent if you have someone walking alongside of you, nudging you forward, and giving you smart advice on which way to go to avoid the crazy fireballs, or the man-eating flowers. (Thanks, Super Mario Brothers.)

This accountability has helped me take my business to the next level. I know it can do the same for you.

Until next time, speak freely.

How consistent are you with your marketing activities? How might that be affecting your business? Share below.

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