Whether you have a brand-new enterprise or cause to brand, or need a complete rebrand, I and my team can support you. And we will always start with your story:

Launch-ready branding for new entrepreneurs or start-ups:

My Starchart program offers affordable yet exquisite branding to launch your project confidently with its best chance of success. We help you pinpoint your new brand, then design a message and basic visual assets like wordmark logo, color palette and visual design that get taken seriously right from the get-go. Choose from simple visual brand and message strategy up to complete digital assets.


Complete rebranding for experienced entrepreneurs:

Your story is the foundation to creating a compelling brand that grows with you through the years. The Hero Shift  experience lays the same foundation as One Story but builds on it with a complete brand guide, website design, copywriting, social media banners and templates, business cards, & freemium (lead magnet). You will walk away with all the tools you need.