Attract your audience with inspiring content, books and keynote talks:

Design your signature blog or podcast

The Luminary program turns your story and message into a  blog or podcast, Facebook live series and social engagement strategy. You will clarify your core idea and develop it into multiple episodes or chapter content, then partner with a specialist in your chosen medium to grow your audience each time you present or release. Content design and strategy is highly customized, so please contact me directly below to discuss your needs.


Write and publish your signature book

Whether you are about to debut at conferences, want to increase web traffic or just get your story out, my team and I can take you from concept to completion. You will identify your main message and takeaways, then work with a book coach, or ghostwriter and editor. Self publishing options are available; we can provide you with expertise if you wish to pursue traditional paths. Book writing is customized, so please contact me directly to discuss your needs.


Create your signature presentation

When you are ready for the speaking circuit, we are ready to help you craft the talk that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. You will learn how to weave your main points with glistening details from your personal story. You will also create different lengths of the talk to fit every situation. Crafting a signature talk is a customized process, so please contact me directly to discuss your needs.


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