Demystifying Design (Pre-Branding Guide)

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Demystifying Design (Pre-Branding Guide)

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Wondering how to navigate the wild world of brand and web design?

DEMISTIFYING DESIGN is for every entrepreneur about to embark on a rebrand--and not sure whom to choose as a partner. In a simple, scannable step-by-step format, the book progress through each facet of great web design.

You'll learn how to identify a partner whose work will really make your brand stand out. Plus, you'll also learn how to be a "good client," providing exactly what your partner needs to make the process smooth. 

Topics include: 

  • Planning for your project (before you select a design partner)
  • Finding your perfect partner (who will enhance your brand)
  • Communicating your vision (so you actually get what you want)
  • Designing for sales success (once your site launches)

Before you hire a web partner ... read DEMISTIFYING DESIGN. You'll save tremendous yourself tremendous time and money. And ensure your relationship and the final product you create with your designer truly exceed your expectations.