Hello, enterprising woman of influence.

Do you as an entrepreneur . . .

  • Have a hard time explaining your personal path or diverse income streams?
  • Struggle to differentiate yourself in the market in a compelling way? 
  • Know you have an amazing story that would captivate audiences, if you knew how to tell it?
  • Wish you had ONE coherent narrative that would elevate and expand your platform?

As an woman of influence who stands on her own business, your story is the single most important determiner of your audience responds to you. 

I can help you translate diverse businesses, causes or messages into ONE STORY, so you can attract the right audience in a simple, natural and non-salesy way.


This is a safe space for every woman entrepreneur who has got ten things going at once. And what influential woman doesn't?

While you may feel like you’re giving multiple pitches to multiple kinds of opportunities, there is really only ONE essential message that drives everything you do. 

I believe that when you identify that core message, and share it in a way that connects emotionally, you’ll create a portal for understanding that attracts your ideal customers to enter your brand and discover ALL that you offer.

And I don’t just believe this. I’ve seen it demonstrated time and again in my clients' businesses.

“Lisa provided incredible confidence and clarity. I came to her with five disparate business ideas, feeling like maybe I was another unneeded drop in the ocean of health and wellness experts. I left with one clear direction, a sense of purpose, the right words and realistic action steps.

— Lauren Buckley, whole nutrition & alternative wellness expert


A compelling story empowers us to connect with the right people, and when we truly connect with others, they are ready and willing to listen.

The reality is: 99% of the time when gaining traction is a struggle, it’s because we (and the people we serve) are not really clear on what we offer or why it matters. Through ONE STORY, I leverage more than a decade of  experience analyzing large amounts of data to get to the heart of the story behind your brand(s).

This is about content scanning, pattern recognition and my intuitive ability to sense what is most emotionally resonant in an given brand. It is also about understanding your personal journey, and translating the most pertinent events of your life into a classic story structure the brain natural recognizes and connects with.

I know this process works because it worked for me first. When I took the time to really delve into my own story, I found a completely different message than I had ever realized I had. And when I took that message out into the world, I got an entirely different response.

I love to be an “outside eye,” exploring everything you have been through and care about with you . . . so you can turn your experience into a story that sells.

I wasn’t born with this skill, of course. Like you, I spent years struggling to explain my own story, especially in instances where I was being offered some type of "thought leadership." I also found myself tasked again and again to bring clarity to and craft a story for many complex projects in the marketing departments and agencies I worked in for over a decade. 

During this time I noticed that as humans, when we craft a pitch or work on our brand, we tend to focus on the most tangible aspect of what we do. We look at what’s on the surface. We try to demonstrate our expertise.  

But in reality, the real, powerful ideas lie one or two levels below the most obvious expression. It is about sharing where we have been, what we have struggled against and what insights we uncovered that led us to the breakthrough we now share.

Get down to those levels, and you will touch hearts and address your customers’ pain points on a whole different level. 

Base your entire brand and message on that core story, and you will become unstoppable.

By joining me on the One Story journey, you will:

  • Uncover the “hidden story” tucked away beneath your traditional sales pitch.
  • Craft that “hidden story" into a simplenatural and non-salesy narrative that grabs attention.
  • Learn how to deliver and share your story in a way that really connects.
  • Gain the perfect “lens” to drive your entire brand refresh or complete rebrand.
  • Be prepared for any speaking engagement, product launch, book project or campaign.
  • Finally get understanding nods and consultation requests (rather than confusion and disinterest) whenever you pitch yourself.
“My session with Lisa confirmed that Lisa was the person I was looking for who could help me truly see myself and my gifts. I send heartfelt gratitude to Lisa for being the muse who helped me finally capture why what I offer is so unique."

— Kerry Jeffrey, hypnotist & healer


Having one story that fully expresses YOU will revolutionize your platform.

You will give the world a “portal of understanding,” a place to step into your work and discover all the many different facets after they’ve come in one recognizable door. (And by "the world," I mean not just customers and audiences but media outlets, event organizers and other gatekeepers to large audiences.)

The issue isn’t about streamlining your business to be simpler or easier to understand. No matter what anyone tells you . . . being multi-hyphenate or many-faceted as a thought leader is never a problem. It’s a gift and a blessing you can offer to the world. 

All you need is ONE STORY that shares the most compelling aspects of your personal story and ties every stream of income or expertise together.

Imagine that a week or two from now you could:

  • Quickly pitch anyone you meet and have them instantly understand what you stand for.
  • Grab a new prospect’s attention right away in any consultation or discovery session.
  • Update your entire brand presence on every platform with one consistent message.
  • Fall sleep at night confident that media and event gatekeepers won't be able to pass you up.
  • Be prepared for any speaking engagement, book project, product launch or other big branded campaign.
  • Finally get interested nods, consultation or speaking requests when you pitch your services.

ONE STORY is a simple, fast way to unify your brand message and your compelling experiences into one consistent pitch that instantly connects with the people who need you. With about a two-hour investment of time on your part, you can get the clarity and confidence to sell more. 

So what do you get for your two hour investment? (A lot of my time, for sure!) Plus:

  • An in-depth story discovery project that explores every aspect of your personality, your work, and the results your clients have gotten across all of your offerings.
  • One 1:1 90-minute whiteboard work session with me to review the results of your project and clarify questions that arose for me as a result of your responses.
  • My expert analysis, synthesis and copywriting of your story into a classic storytelling structure I have recreated especially for women of influence.
  • Beautiful PDF presentation of your log line, basic pitch and sales story: THE essential message foundation of everything you do. (You can hang that presentation up where you can see it. Carry it with you. Basically, make it your secret "cheats sheet" that you can use to keep every pitch, web page or presentation on-track and emotionally compelling.)

The TOTAL VALUE for all of this is more than $1500.

But here’s the thing . . .

I’ve SLASHED the cost of this valuable offer to a FRACTION of the market value to ensure that as many entrepreneurs as possible can take advantage of it.

The One Story package is now only $497, and you can book right here at the link below.

If you are serious about expanding your influence, it is time to get serious about your story. Don't wait any longer to get the clarity you need to connect with the people who need you most. 

Find your One Story today.