Are you as a high-achieving, heart-centered woman:

  • "Over" just making a living by selling your skill set(s)?
  • Convinced you have a greater message and story to share with the world?
  • Ready to launch into regional or national thought leadership, but feeling stuck?
  • Confused about exactly what your unique contribution might be in your industry?
  • Tired of going around in circles with a business plan and message that struggle to get traction?

Making an impact starts with getting clear on who you really are and what you are meant to say to the world. 

When you are 100% aligned with your purpose, and devoted to living it out, you will naturally create the momentum you have desired for so long. Many women of influence I meet have struggled for years in their businesses because they never really clarify the basics of WHO they are, WHAT they want to create and HOW they can help others.

The struggle doesn't have to be real or perpetual. Are you ready to upshift from making a living with your skills to creating a legacy through your voice?


Welcome to PERFECTLY POISED, a VIP purpose alignment experience for heart-centered women of influence who want to create a self-sustaining lifestyle of impact.

Through PERFECTLY POISED, I can help you clarify your purpose and value that set your efforts on course, create a vision for abundance that truly incentivizes your work and develop the story that sells you and your mission to the right audience.

Most of the time we as entrepreneurs tackle these different areas separately. Because we do not integrate our approach to create a harmonious systemic lifestyle, we end up frustrated and misaligned. We get a "partial glimpse" of the influence we want to have and the impact we desire to make. But somehow, we never get completely clear. And no one else does either. Which means we never get too much traction.

If I learned anything on my journey into speaking freely, it's this:

Clarify your purpose, vision and story all together, and you will never wonder again why you are here or what you need to do next.

Think of it like the three pieces of a pie:

This is your foundation to launching out into the world as a woman who exerts a powerful, positive influence in her home, community and the world.

As a successful woman, you have likely been relying on your skill set or referrals to expand your audience. But now, you know you cannot keep silent any longer about what you truly value. You desire to create a different kind of business: one that rests fully on your ideas, your content, your creativity.

The world will reflect back to you what you take out into it.

I know, because this is exactly how my story has unfolded since I got my PURPOSE, ABUNDANCE VISION and STORY clear.

By aligning your own heart, mind and soul, you CAN create a self-sustained lifestyle that fulfills you and blesses others.


Are you ready to be PERFECTLY POISED? 

Through this  VIP weekend intensive, I am going to teach you the exact process I have used to get clear on my gifts, create a plan to use them in the world, and consciously attract the money and opportunities that support my services—without traditional employment.

What took me ten years and a lot of struggle to sort out, I am going to help you anchor in one intensive weekend, with support for implementation afterward, so you can step into your purpose this year and live as the “real you” you’ve been waiting to unleash.

In my journey I learned that there were three big “strands” of alignment that needed to be clarified and braided together before I had a cord strong enough to launch into the world.

The strands are your PURPOSE, your ABUNDANCE VISION and your STORY.

For years I would work on one, or two, but never all three. When I finally dealt with all three together, in a very short time frame, I found the strength and power I was looking for all along to truly launch my previously-scattered vision into the world as a unified whole life.

I am excited to support you in braiding these “strands” much more quickly to launch your consciously created life of impact and influence!

PERFECTLY POISED offers an integrated, intuitive approach that leverages feminine ways of knowing, techniques from neuroscience, mindset redirection, and sincere coaching to help you arrive at the best answers FOR YOU based on the vision you uncover within yourself. 

Our goal is not to create a business, but a self-sustaining lifestyle of service that blends work, play and community into a beautiful, natural whole.


“Thank you a 1000 times for being the voice that births FREEDOM!!  I SO appreciate who you are, how you support others, and your commitment to authenticity. Many blessings your way for doors open and TRUTH revealed.”
- Mary Whitman Ortiz,


“My biggest struggle was making sure that I was always sharing from my story, so that I could share my multiple streams of income in a non salesy and magnetic way.  Working with Lisa helped me to realize what my entire brand story revolved around, which is the fact that I understand the struggle with finance because I have been there myself. Understanding this has given me one thing to always focus on, which is what I have already overcome.  I am so thankful for Lisa and the work she does in this world!” - Snowe Saxman,


By walking through this journey for yourself, with me by your side, you will:


  • Ask the penetrating questions that help you identify what truly moves you
  • Identify the gift you want to leave the world that will outlast you, so you can CREATE it
  • Articulate your “Sweet Spot:” where PURPOSE and PASSION meet MARKET DEMAND
  • Claim your core archetypes—ancient storytelling roles that guide for your work
  • Select a title/role for your core identity: one you want to most closely identify with
  • Articulate the core desired emotion you want to FEEL by living out your purpose
  • Create a purpose statement to guide your selection of projects and opportunities
  • Identify the income streams most readily available to you that align with your purpose
  • Set a path for yourself: step-by-step actions unleash your purpose in the world


  • Identify and clearly articulate what WEALTH means to you in every area of your life
  • Break through mindset blocks about abundance and wealth that hinder your earning
  • Create a vision board that illustrates the abundance you will create consciously
  • Write and record your abundance affirmations you will use daily to align your action
  • Set sustainable monthly, quarterly & yearly abundance goals based on the lunar cycle
  • Begin your ‘abundance journal’ practice using a compilation of artistic techniques  


  • Identify the profile of audience member you most want to impact, so you can attract them
  • Break through any vulnerability blocks around sharing things that happened to you
  • Write out your complete life story so you can identify parts that reach your audience
  • Structure your story outline to impact your audience using classic storytelling methods
  • Design in the parts of your purpose and abundance vision that clarify your intent
  • Craft a “call to action” that sells your value so people can work with you
  • Set a plan of strategic actions to get that story out into the world


  • Wake up in the morning clear about what you want to do, and how to make it happen.
  • Understand where your VALUE lies—monetarily—in a business that feels right to you.
  • Get absolutely clear on what impact/legacy you want to create with the rest of your life.
  • Open up, rather than shut down, yet still FOCUS the ways you can share your gifts.
  • Know without a doubt that your needs WILL be met as you walk in your purpose.
  • Unlock new understandings of yourself and your gifts at a deeper level.
  • Replace negative self-talk with the confidence and joy that ATTRACT good people.
  • Create a simple, natural plan for purposeful work and life that really fit YOU.
  • Know for sure what abundance (wealth) look life FOR YOU so you can focus on that.
  • Create visuals to place around your home to saturate your mind with your vision.
  • Identify and replace negative beliefs about money or your ability to create it.
  • Connect your purpose/value to your profit vision so you can sustain that lifestyle.
  • Understand exactly whom you want to work with (clients and collaborators).
  • Capture your whole life story on paper in a way that honors your experience.
  • Lift out the pieces of your story that you know will help you reach your ideal client.
  • Create a compelling ‘sales story’ that ‘sells” the natural and non-pushy way by demonstrating your value.
  • Be ready to take your value out into the world and actually transform it into income.

"I left with one clear direction, a sense of purpose, the right words, and realistic action steps. Lisa provided incredible confidence and clarity. I came to her with five disparate business ideas, feeling like maybe I was another unneeded drop in the ocean of health and wellness experts. I left with one clear direction, a sense of purpose, the right words, and realistic action steps. She helped me see what makes me uniquely valuable, and what kind of business would help me thrive.”
- Lauren Buckley, health coach


"THANK YOU a million times over for the fantastic session and for the brand insights you sent so quickly! I can't express enough how amazingly valuable I found our time together. What you have written based on our short time is beyond fantastic. It is really fun to have it all put together in one place, in a super professional way, as I have had all these ideas for so long and was just waiting for YOUR magic touch. I’m working on slowly but surely implementing what we put together and already I am noticing my schedule is busier as I simply put the energy toward branding out there. Even though I still have so much to implement, the shift in my thinking and overall energy levels is MAJOR progress. Love it!!” - Emily Yenor, therapist


Why a VIP weekend experience? And how does it work?

Quick, focused work will do more than a long-term engagement to get your “core ideas” out of you and provide inspiration. Because intensive 1:1 work is so critical to getting clear on your vision for influence, this experience is only available as a 1:1 intensive.

At the beginning of Perfectly Poised . . .

We go away (or “stay in”) to a nurturing, creative environment that takes you OUT of your ordinary location, cares and stresses and INTO a place with greater freedom and ability to dream and play …

Where we first get clear on your VALUE: the place where purpose meets passion meets market demand, so you can create a workable “lifestyle model” that includes work, play and service …

Then we move on to identify your ABUNDANCE VISION: the exact configuration of work, play, and service you want create in your life so that you can do the most good with your value and love it while doing it …


We finally understand exactly whom this journey will resonate with, so you can craft a STORY that speaks to this audience and actually draws them, providing them with an offer you can monetize to fulfill your purpose while creating your vision of abundance.

(And we will have LOTS of fun doing with art, yoga, journaling, down time, and more!)



  • Desire & Motivation discovery guided discovery process + strengths assessments (VALUE: $997)
  • "Sweet spot” journaling to help you uncover your PURPOSE, PASSION and MARKET DEMAND (VALUE: $1197)
  • Step by step visioning to identify your archetype, self-chosen title and core desired emotion (VALUE: $797)
  • Customized strategy for turning your purpose into work that you love (VALUE: $1297)
  • Step by step journaling activities to identify what WEALTH really means to you (Value: $797)
  • Guided vision board creation (plus artistic additions) including materials (VALUE: $497)
  • Recording of your own unique abundance affirmations to stay on track (VALUE $397)
  • Customized strategy for generating income from your identified value (VALUE: $997)
  • Guided discovery process for assessing your ideal client/collaborator (VALUE: $797)
  • Step by step “Story Journaling” artistic process that puts your life story on paper (VALUE: $497)
  • “One Story” structuring process that creates the core elements of your stales story based on your value and your abundance creation model (VALUE: $997)
  • Customized strategy for taking your story to the ideal client (VALUE: $1197)
  • Yoga, healthy food and treats, judicious “time alone” to process your experience, a beautiful setting, a few surprises and great conversation with another conscious women (VALUE: Priceless)
  • Unlimited support via email/text or Voxer six months after the VIP experience. (This means you can literally chat with me any time on Voxer to break through questions or blocks that arise.)

The TOTAL VALUE of this experience is $10,500. Instead, I have chosen to SLASH the cost to just a fraction of that.

I could easily charge this much (above) or more for the VIP experience because of how life changing it is, and how much of my personal time and energy are involved with each individual woman's journey. Instead, I have chosen to keep it extremely affordable so that high-achieving, heart-centered women like you can take advantage of the experience no matter where you are at in your business.

It took me many years and far more than $10,500 is coaching and self-development courses myself to really grasp how these three elements (purpose, abundance vision and story) all work together. 

If you have been struggling for years to really get your purpose and message clarified so that you can go out and create the impact you know you were born to have ... then now is your moment. You can bring the three elements together far more quickly than I did. Even if you have been struggling with them for years.

Are you truly ready and willing to invest in yourself so you can reach the next level?



You will be PERFECTLY POISED to go out and live an independent lifestyle based not just on your skills, but your ideas and the message you are taking out to your ideal audience.

You will be absolutely clear on your true VALUE, your vision for ABUNDANCE and your compelling STORY. You will not be anxious or afraid about “where the money will come from,” but will instead have a plan to attract exactly what you need to you by living in complete alignment with The Real You.

You will be a woman of influence who walks with confidence into any room—and knows that she self-sustain her lifestyle of service by attracting the right audience and customers with her unique gifts. 

Ultimately, you will be no more at the mercy of what other people will give you, but will instead be in the clear, compassionate frame of mind to create your own future with the gifts, voice and internal guidance system you have already been bestowed.


Because PERFECTLY POISED is a labor of love and a significant time, emotion and energy investment on my part, slots are limited to a few each year. The experience is also customized, so cost will depend on all the inclusions each particular woman desires. 

I speak with each potential woman personally so we can determine if this is indeed the right investment for her needs. And if so, how her unique experience will be structured.

Think PERFECTLY POISED sounds like just what you need? Apply below for a 1:1 complimentary evaluation.