Most "productivity systems" for women feel forced and exhausting.

Only one ancient method follows the natural rhythm of our bodies.

The best planner you'll ever have is one you've always had.



Two years ago, if you'd told me I'd be running my business by the moon cycle, I'd have told you that you were LOONY. Or LUNAR-Y ... to be precise.

Like most high-achieving women, I was constantly in search of the perfect productivity system to super-charge my business results. Yet I could never seem to make any system stick. 

It all felt forced. Unnatural. Every system made me a slave to calendars and to-do's. 

"Buy this planner."

"Keep that list."

"This new phone app will send you 100 productivity notifications a day."

"Did you cross off (or click) everything yet?" 

Like a dieter on the latest fad, I'd start out well but end up more discouraged than before.

And then . . . a surprise divorce turned my whole world upside down. 

I found myself moving into my own little apartment in less than a month. Shifts started to happen--whether I wanted them to or not. 

By default I HAD to reclaim my power. Find my voice. Make my own decisions that (outside my business productivity) I had defaulted to someone else for almost a decade.

Along with all this tremendous internal change, I began to notice something very strange. 

I became extremely sensitive to the cycles of the moon.

Thankfully, I had enough friends who understood the centuries-old wisdom behind lunar energy patterns that I could find resources to study this phenomenon. 

At first I thought it was coincidence.

But the more I studied the moon and the resources my friends recommended, the more I realized it was too consistent to be pure chance.

I started noting how my energy rose and fell over the course of the month. It was a consistent cycle roughly every 29.5 days. When I began to see real patterns there, I started experimenting with planning my business goals by this energy.

When the moon's energy was on the rise, I set intentions and started to amp up my actions toward those goals. When the moon's energy fell, I wrapped projects up, analyzed results and prepared for the next cycle.

I became more productive. Happier. And I felt like the action I was taking in my business was more aligned with my vision naturally.

My body no longer felt forced to "go go go." There were periods of action. And periods of rest. Time for execution, and time for reflection.

I began to realize that the moon, the planets and even the ancient zodiac system were given to us as divine cosmic tools for planning and doing the work we've been called to do. 

Lunar cycles actually affect our energy and our working patterns...

Except that most of us work currently against the system instead of with it.

Sample lunar energy pattern

Sample lunar energy pattern

It's time to reclaim our  Sacred Signs, and follow the rhythm of life mapped out for us in the skies.

NO traditional planner or productivity system teaches you how to harness this energy. 

In fact, most productivity systems out there run on the SOLAR year and energy -- the "four quarter system" typical in business which is more naturally aligned with men and masculine ways of being.

For most of us women, whose bodily cycles even emblemize a similar time frame as the moon cycle, LUNAR energy is more aligned with our way of being

When you understand what's happening with the moon, you can shape your actions and goals around the current flow of energy.

It's like riding a raft downriver on the current rather than trying to paddle up stream.

When you "go with the flow" you get there faster, with more fun and greater ease and peace. 

We've been given a divine tool to do just that . . . if we learn to use it.

And that's why I created Sacred Signs. 

This quarterly guide to lunar-based productivity will walk you through each of four moon phases per month (one per week) and provide you with specific questions and action steps to take, to get the most out of that energetic cycle. 

What's more, each quarter's guide is unique, because the moon phases are affected by the moon's position in the zodiac and other cosmic happenings at any given time. 

Every week, you'll walk through your business days AWARE of the energy patterns around you and working to use them with intention. So you can create more progress. Faster. With less frustration, effort and wasted work. 

In just one year, using lunar energy patterns as my productivity guide, I up-shifted a struggling freelance business that relied on a few clients for life support to a self-sustaining and location-independent agency serving my dream client (women of influence) every single day.

If I can do this with lunar energy . . . imagine what you can do!

Interior of the Sacred Signs digital workbook

Interior of the Sacred Signs digital workbook

With Sacred Signs, you'll discover a different, ancient, more natural and spiritually aligned way to bring your visions to life. 

High-achieving doesn't have to mean burnt out anymore. 

You CAN achieve everything you desire . . . in a smart and soulful way that doesn't focus on massive to-do lists or planners tied to your hip.

The ancients didn't have productivity systems. Or three-ring planners. Or complicated phone apps.

They had the moon . . . and so do you.

Are you ready to become a Sacred Signkeeper?

Here are a few things you can do prepare for the arrival of Sacred Signs. 

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