Hey, sister! Thanks for stopping by. Are you:

  • A sensitive, compassionate woman who has a message to share?
  • Bold and ready to speak your truth, but unsure how to gather your ideal audience?
  • Experienced in business but struggling to break through a "glass ceiling" of engagement?
  • Frustrated with trying to upshift from service provider to thought leader, with no idea how to start?
  • Aware that you need to be more courageous in your marketing, but unsure how to do it?

Never fear! I wrote the Sister Talk audience building series just for you.

"I just read your tell-all, and you tell it like it is, Sister! Becoming viscerally confident is a journey that only the bravest of us navigate. Your book encourages women to realize that they have the courage and that the rewards are like a sunny garden on a warm spring morning."

- Kristin Kopp, Director of U.S. Operations, National Business Education Council

This series of three handy, quick-to-skim guides directly addresses the reasons why heart-centered women of influence get "stuck" trying to reach more people. The good news is: there is a simple explanation for why you are not able to connect with as many other women as you want to. And I am excited to share with you the equally simply solution.

(Pssst. I'll give you a clue beforehand ... it actually has NOTHING to do with your audience.)

But I'm getting ahead of myself . . . 

Sister Talk will come to you in three parts. 

In The Sister Talk Tell-All, I spill my own surprising discovery of what it really takes to unlock the hearts of my audience. I share 5 Secrets I learned about how to really win over the people who need me. This includes the heartbreaking and empowering story of my own lowest point in life . . . that simultaneously opened my eyes to why I was stuck and helped me move forward. (I promised you a tell-all, didn't I?)

In The Sister Talk Playbook, I will then walk you through three tried-and-true strategies for reaching people day-in and day-out with your message. Consistency, quality and volume are key to making an impression on your ideal audience members over time. This framework will give you a simple way to accumulate impact over time.

Finally, in The Sister Talk Checklists, I get down-and-dirty with the simple, practical lists of things you will actually need to build out your entire audience attraction platform and get the attention your message deserves.

And the best part is . . . I'll deliver this whole series to your inbox, for free.

So what makes Sister Talk so different from other audience attraction resources? 

For one thing, Sister Talk is completely focused on heart-centered, courageous women of influence. You will find only techniques, strategies and advice that are designed for the feminine mind. So many audience building strategies on the market today come from a more aggressive, masculine point of view. 

This is perfectly fine . . . if you are a man, or choose to live more in your masculine energy. 

If you are a woman who wants to cultivate relationships and heart connections, these strategies will feel off-putting or out-of-step when you try to implement them. Many times, they just won't work at all. 

It took me years to understand that my real audience building struggle had nothing to do with the people I was trying to reach.

I don't want you to have to wait so long. 

That's why I am making this valuable series----which I could easily sell for $29.99 US retail----available instead for absolutely free.

That's right. It's so important to me that you get what you need to build your audience, that I am offering the entire Sister Talk series in email download form. 

If you sign up today, you will receive The Sister Talk Tell-All right away, 5 Secrets to Unlock Hearts and Win Influence.

In a few days, you'll receive The Sister Talk Playbook. 3 Strategies to Get Your Message Out Every Single Day.

And then a few days after that, The Sister Talk Checklists. A comprehensive collection of boxes you can check, as you build out your next-level platform.

Along the way, you will also get the support you need to implement what you are learning.

Each guide includes Action Points for you to ponder and plan your next steps. You will see examples of the concepts I discus. And you will be able to contact me directly with questions and comments at each step of the way. 

This is your chance to upshift your impact and reach the wider audience you are destined to serve. 

You are already compassionate. You are feminine to the core. And you want to be more courageous. Now, you can become focused and completely effective as you interact with your ideal audience.

All you have to do is enter your name and email below, and you will be on your way to a more heart-centered and feminine-inspired audience attraction strategy that truly wins hearts as well as minds.

Are you ready to get UNstuck from your communication plateau and break out into the next level of impact?