Your career is a story all its own. Let's turn it into a LinkedIn best seller.

Calling all professional women who are building their own brand under a corporate or non-profit umbrella:

Are you  . . .

  • Tired of trying to perfect your 30-second pitch?
  • Wishing you had better words to describe your value?
  • Rewriting your LinkedIn profile every other weekend?
  • Frustrated with trying to make your whole career brand distinctive?

I can help you clarify your core story and turn those insights into a keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that sells your value for you, 24/7, 365 days a year, whether or not you are online.

But to do that, we have to take a slightly different approach to your LinkedIn bio.

In a traditional LinkedIn bio engagement, I would ask you some questions, find out how you currently explain yourself and then write up what you give me into a profile without questioning the direction. But that doesn’t really solve your core problem: fundamental uncertainty about how to position your brand.

If you are not clear on who you are and what you truly offer, your guidance to a profile writer will be left of center at best. At worst, it might be in left field.


I don’t just want to take your payment in exchange for a profile.

I want to resolve your ongoing uncertainty about how to express your professional identity—and give you newfound confidence pitch yourself with words that actually attract opportunities.

Only then can I really, honestly translate that clarity into a succinct story you can actually use in any context. 

When we do that, I can write you a profile you won’t feel like changing again in a week.

Getting fundamental clarity will give your final bio so much more longevity, yes. But clarity will also give your career and your networking a big shot in the arm.

I know this myself because LinkedIn has been a huge tool for me to grow my career and my business.

Before I ever became a coach or started an agency, I attracted high-paying, career altering job offers and opportunities because of my profile. Later, after becoming an entrepreneur, I signed clients to the tune of thousands of dollars whom I had nurtured on LInkedIn. 

In both cases, people reached out to me because of my profile. I did not chase them.

I know the power the right words can have. And I also know how much actually goes in to making that happen.

So how do we up-level your profile to reflect real career clarity?

When we start working together, I send you a robust questionnaire that covers not just what you do at work but who you are as a complete person. 

This questionnaire is followed up by an in-depth 1:1 session where we clarify your responses and begin to craft the language that reveals what you truly offer to the world.

I will then polish the results of this discovery process into a Career Story document that you can use as a basis for internal communication, presentation bios, and networking pitches. 

Finally, I will rewrite your LinkedIn profile using keywords we identify through research, weaving in anecdotes from your story that highlight what you offer, how you think and how you work.

I will also recommend visual changes or additions to the portfolio section of the site so you can update that, too.


Here’s a recap of what you get:

  • Robust brand discovery project.
  • 1:1 90-minute whiteboard session with me.
  • Career Story report that you can use to anchor your brand.
  • Keyword research tailored specifically to your brand.
  • Completely rewritten LinkedIn profile that reflects your value and story.
  • Recommendations for additional visuals and supporting materials to add.
  • UP to two revisions of your career story and bio.

By the time we're finished, you will know so much more about yourself and how to share your value. Not to mention have a profile you are truly proud of.

So what is the investment?

The value of the expertise I’m bringing to this engagement is well over $1,500. But because I want to help as many women as possible, I’m keeping the cost low for this entire, time intensive process. 

The investment for this entire experience is just $497.

You can hire a cheap, quick rewrite of your profile that may or may not hit the mark, or grow with you as your career expands.

Or, you can invest the time, energy and resources to really get clear on your career brand first and then create a profile that matches the identity you actually feel great about sharing. 

Ready to take your career brand to the next level?

The Social Storytelling experience can be booked directly here on this site. Once I receive your payment, I will send you a welcome email with follow-up instructions and a link to your discovery project. 

If you have questions you'd like to get answered first, you can also book in to speak with me personally.

I cannot wait to help you find greater clarity and create a beautiful LinkedIn profile you can truly be proud of. 

Remember, this experience is for professional women of influence in traditional careers. If you have chosen the entrepreneurial life, click here for a comparable offering that is tailored to your needs.

It's time to take your story social. So let's get started: