Here are ways we can work together to clarify, shape and tell your unique story:

Foundational clarity for entrepreneurs on your core purpose, abundance goals and brand story

The Perfectly Poised engagement will help you braid together these three foundational elements to get your brand on track for impact. If you want to create or revamp your brand, but find yourself stuck, or simply not getting traction, Perfectly Poised is the perfect place to start .... back at the beginning, with the most foundational elements of your business.


Already clear on purpose and goals? Get focused storytelling support.

The One Story engagement helps you review every aspect of your life, business and passions to find the single narrative that ties them all together. As you learn how to tell your story, you will be able to elevate your brand, create content, and sell with confidence. You will leave with your very own Story written in your voice to guide your brand and sales pitches.


Career storytelling on LinkedIn for professional women

For women building a personal brand inside a traditional career, The Social Storyteller helps you clarify your core story and communicate it in a keyword-rich LinkedIn bio that will naturally create new connections and attract opportunities. Because of the rich discovery process, the bio can also facilitate speaking engagements and other thought leadership opportunities.