The world's most irresistible brands start with an unforgettable story. And you have that kind of story.

Hello, high-achieving woman of influence! Are you:

  • Ready to expand your influence but feeling your brand does not reflect your value?
  • Wanting to unify your many websites, social profiles and business cards with one consistent message?
  • Concerned your current visual brand will not carry you into the media or onto the stage?
  • Hungry to up-shift your perceived role from service provider to thought leader?
  • Painfully aware that you are overdue for a rebrand?

I can help you clarify your story and then re-design your entire brand and digital marketing presence around that story.

I believe that for leaders in every industry, the most critical way to build trust and your following is not by having a brand, but by BEING your brand.

This means not only telling a consistent STORY, but backing it up with a VISUAL DESIGN and COPYWRITING that sell your personality and story at every level.

When you and your message are clear and visible on every platform you want to occupy, instinctively feel that they understand you. They will respect you because you are consistent. And they are more likely to listen to what you have to say. 

This is not about creating a fancy website  for the sake of novelty, randomly changing your logo, or filling social media with pictures. This is about getting you—the real you, with your compelling story, your unique personal image and your can’t-miss message—out front and center where clients can actually see you.

It’s about stepping into the spotlight as the Hero of your brand.

The most powerful brand isn't necessarily a fancy one. A simple, direct website anchored in a compelling story and warm human presence will do more to attract clients than all the expensive assets in the world.

“Lisa has an incredible talent in getting to the core of a brand. When I was ready for a rebrand I knew exactly who to turn to to get 100% clear on the foundational elements . . ."

— Cat LeBlanc, business strategist & coach


In THE HERO SHIFT, I will take you through the process I used to create my simple, personal brand and create a thriving business that hit close to six figures last year. 

It took me years to really understand how a sales story serves as the foundation of a brand, and how to use that story as a lens to reimagine everything within the brand, from photography, to color scheme, to copy, to design, to social media.

In all of the learning and struggle I underwent during those years, I came to realize that the evolution of any brand from “average" to “can’t miss” always starts with a story. Clarity of communication empowers you to make quicker, better, smarter decisions in all other aspects of your marketing.

I can help you get your story straight and turn it into a brand that is simple, clear and memorable on every marketing platform.

This program was born out of my frustration as an entrepreneur with multiple offerings and income streams, trying to find ONE service provider who could help me revamp my brand.

In my searches, I found that most providers either A) didn't really help me get clear on my story, or B) didn't provide me with everything I needed to upshift my personal impression across all platforms.

The reality is: most branding programs start with a questionnaire that asks you what your story is already. Then, because they also don't tend to take you through the entire design process, you could find yourself left unclear about your story, or armed with lovely colors, photos, a logo and other elements you also just have to "figure out how to use" on your own.

In THE HERO SHIFT, I start by helping you get absolutely clear on the story itself, before we ever tackle your website copy, your color scheme, or your wardrobe for the photo shoot.

Once we're clear on the story, we move into developing that visual brand for every platform. And you will not walk away until you know how to use everything we've built effectively, with simple, easy-to-use platforms you can update yourself.


By following my proven HERO SHIFT process, you will:

Start with your story ...

  • Get clear on the core narrative that ties all your different income streams, projects or causes together.
  • Determine with confidence which digital platforms are the best for you to be sharing your message.
  • Translate your story into the core elements of your brand: a Master Brand Story.
  • Get brand-new copy written for your website and other digital platforms.
  • Develop a new live pitch script for networking events and meetings.
  • Create a verbal brand guide that includes guidelines for writing in your unique voice on every platform.

Then move into visual design inspired by the story:

  • Create new brand colors.
  • Identify new brand fonts
  • Design a word mark logo.
  • Customize a Squarespace template. 
  • Update a presentation deck
  • Order business cards.
  • Design your freemium (lead magnet), up to 10 pages.
  • Capture all of that in a simple visual brand guide to go with your verbal brand guide (see above).
  • Launch a simple Squarespace website that includes all the copywriting and design, opt-in pop-up, consultation request forms, up to three sales pages and other business-building tools.
  • Draft a basic marketing launch plan to share your story online, plus get recommendations to a marketing specialist who can help you with the day-to-day promotion going forward.
  • Move forward in 100% confidence that the story and image you are taking out into the world truly represent who you are as an entrepreneur.
"Having my story helped me talk more easily about what I do and why! The fact that prospects ask to hear more is a plus for me. Plus, the rebranding and web design process: It’s GORGEOUS and I LOVE it!!! I can finally tell someone what I do and why. My brand also looks great."

— Tiffany Stokes, The Healthy Accountant



Imagine that as soon as six weeks from now, you could confidently:

  • Stop apologizing your messy website(s) and social media profiles.
  • Approach media professionals with genuine pride in your message.
  • Know that you’ll look your absolute best for your book tour or product launch.
  • Finally look and sound like the expert you are.
  • Generate a high level of client trust with your consistent brand.
  • Show up as a real person in your brand, rather than a series of stock photos.
  • Feel like you’re fully differentiated from everyone else out there.
  • Show up on digital, social and live platforms with 100% clarity and confidence.

You can stop imagining what that would be like now and take the first step toward better branding because I have been down this road myself and I can guide you to navigate it too!

I know exactly what it's like to never feel quite satisfied with your brand, to always have a nagging sense that you're not really saying everything you're about, or showing up fully in your visuals.

The most important thing I learned in my years in the branding industry and now as an entrepreneur, is that without clarity of message, none of the visual or tactical pieces of any brand will have the impact they're meant to have.

Strategies and tactics are great, but if they’re not anchored in a clear, compelling story, they are pretty much pointless. 

By starting with you're story, you'll create a clear communication path and plan that helps the other more technical decisions naturally unfold.

THE HERO SHIFT will help you get to the level of communication and clarity you've been seeking for so long.


“I thought about launching my business for many years, but was feeling too overwhelmed to know where to start. With Lisa’s guidance, I finally was able to express my brand confidently to the world."

— Ann Knabe, Public Relations Specialist

To become the leader you want to be, you must look, act and feel like one first.

With THE HERO SHIFT, you can step into the destiny you’re called to have, no matter how many income streams or enterprises you have going on at once.

Ready to evolve your business to the next level and really be seen for who you are?

As a recap, here is what you get during this 1:1 intensive program: 

  • Robust discovery project that explores your personality, gifting, professional experience, products and services, and other aspects of your brand.
  • Story crafting session (1:1, 90 minutes) with me, to streamline your core story from all the data you shared.
  • A beautiful polished PDF that showcases your business log line and story in paragraph form.
  • Long format brand story that serves as your Master Brand Story for you and all partners to refer to as you craft anything for your brand or marketing.
  • Brand-new website copy (plus two revisions) for your About, Work With Me, Happy Clients introduction, Blog introduction, and Contact pages, plus up to three pages of Sales copy OR three pages introducing the different industries you work in.
  • New story-based copy for your social media profiles. 
  • A brand-new live pitch script, PLUS two video reviews and critiques of you delivering the pitch in person.
  • Verbal brand guide that captures your message and guidelines for writing in your voice.
  • A brand-new Squarespace site complete with list building pop-up and client attraction forms.
  • Help selecting a local-to-you photographer that makes you look your absolute best.
  • Social media headers that match your website. 
  • Branded business cards that match your website and social media.
  • Complete visual design inspired by your story (fonts, colors, word mark logo, and style guidelines delivered in a PDF brand guide).
  • Canva account setup with your brand guidelines, colors, fonts and photos already in place, so you can start creating marketing content immediately!
  • Verbal brand guide that adds your design guidelines such as photo treatment, colors, wordmark logo usage, etc. into your original message brand guide.
  • Launch marketing plan for the first six weeks after your new brand launches.
  • A follow-up logistics session (1 hour) to help you know your way around your completely customizable, easy to use website.

The total value of Parts 1 & 2 together is over $15,000.

However, I have SLASHED the cost of this valuable offer to a FRACTION of the market value to ensure that as many entrepreneurs as possible can take advantage of it.

Many designers and branding experts will tell you it takes 6 months to create a new brand—while you lose valuable client opportunities in the process. Not THE HERO SHIFT.

If you’re motivated and willing to devote time to your portion of the work, the rebranding process can now happen in just 4 to 6 weeks

Because of the intensive nature of this program, time and space are limited. If you are ready to take the leap into a personal and inviting brand, unify your many offerings, and tell a consistent story that expands your platform and your influence, apply below to secure your Complimentary 1:1 Evaluation

If for some reason during our conversation we determine that THE HERO SHIFT is not a perfect fit for you, I will be sure to personally recommend the right service provider for your needs.  

I can't wait to speak with you and begin your HERO SHIFT!